It is hard to believe that we have been taking people big game hunting all over the world for over three decades now. During that time period we have offered our clients some of the best values ever to appear on the big game hunting market. What I treasure most from those years are the thousands of friends that I have been able to make, as well as the opportunity to bring so much happiness into those people’s lives. This year the list of hunts we will be offering compiles the highest degree of value that we have ever been able to offer.

Our hunts in Scotland top the list of the most enjoyable, successful, and unique experiences that we have ever been able to offer.
We also have some special opportunities for you to make a Plains Game Safari in South Africa, as well as incredible opportunities for the “Big Stuff” in Mozambique which will be available on a very limited basis.

This, our 33rd year to take people to the sub-arctic region of Quebec for a caribou hunt. I have put together a hunt for the Quebec/Labrador Caribou that if I were going on this trip, this is how I would want it structured.

Our Mule Deer and Antelope hunts in New Mexico continue to be consistent quality operations for us since 1982. Our Mule Deer Hunt last year produced some of the best bucks we have taken in 30 years as you will see.

Our operations in Texas promise to be some exciting adventures this year as well. Our Desert Mule Deer hunt in West Texas and our Whitetail hunts both in the Hill Country and West Texas show our hunters numerous bucks each day. The most difficult issue I have to deal with on our ranches in Texas is getting my hunters to hold off on bucks that a lot of people only hope to be able to harvest, and wait for one of the truly high end trophies that are available in the areas we are hunting.

I hope you enjoy reading about what we are up to this year, and hope even more you can be a part of the successes that we will be enjoying not only this year, but for many years to come.

After you have read this information, if you have any further interest, or questions, please feel free to give me a call and we will send you additional information, and begin a planning process for you to make one of our hunts a reality.

Deposits and payments can be made with not only personal checks, but also with a credit card to help make the financial end of the hunts easier.
Because we offer some of the top values on the hunting market today, coupled with the fact that many of our hunters repeat hunts year after year, our operations fill up very quickly. Booking a year or more in advance is very common. It is our policy that if you book a year or more in advance, we guarantee you this year’s rate.

Looking forward to being your hosts.

(970) 641-5369

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